Creative industry

Two up-and-coming sectors are based in Mönchengladbach: the IT industry and the creative industry. In Mönchengladbach, the creative industry is cross-sectional, comprising the fields of communication, fashion and object design as well as advertising, architecture, the art market, the music industry and software.

A disproportionate number of freelancers and micro companies are represented in this industry cluster. And they all have one thing in common: Ideas and creativity are their most important resource. The WFMG is developing an infrastructure for creative professionals: In addition to the launching of networks, this includes the creation of a suitable working environment and the development of urban attractions.

Business portal Kreativ MG: Finding and being found

Branchenportal KreativMG

The creative industry in Mönchengladbach is colourful and diverse. In order to make it more visible for other companies and private individuals, WFMG has launched the Kreativ MG network, a business portal of the same name.
Whether architecture office, video studio, advertising agency, designer, musician or app developer: the spectrum of creative people in Mönchengladbach is large. Interested parties and other creative professionals can now find out how large this spectrum is on “Kreativ MG”, the business portal of the creative industry. 16 industry subgroups such as “literature & pressure”, “product and object Design” or “advertisement & PR” are available for selection – basically all enterprises and individuals of the creative economy who want to present themselves and their achievements accordingly. Registration is required in order to be included in the database. After receiving the access code, the company presence can be created. WFMG and the Kreativ MG-Team reserve the right to exclude companies from other industries or locations as well as individuals from the portal.

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