Digital Transformation Program for SMEs

How does the use of digital voice assistants work in customer service? How can artificial intelligence (AI) be used to increase efficiency in accounting or reduce energy and resource consumption in the production process? And how do you harness data from production for AI models to predict quality? Answers to these and other questions are provided by a series of workshops on the topic of “Digital Transformation” that WFMG has developed together with digihub Düsseldorf/Rheinland.

“Digital transformation” is one of those fashionable terms that can mean anything and nothing – firstly, because each company has to translate it individually for itself and its respective concerns or current circumstances. And secondly, because it is defined as a process of continuous further development of digital technologies – and is therefore not something that can be started once and completed again at some point, like a classic project, but should rather be integrated into the company’s everyday life on a processual and permanent basis. This is associated not least with a new way of looking at digitization, innovation and change. digihub Düsseldorf/Rheinland and WFMG want to help this “mindset” along – with a workshop program for SMEs on digital transformation.

The idea: With the help of numerous partners and experts from the region, interested SMEs from Mönchengladbach and beyond will receive valuable experience reports and concrete food for thought in individual, topic-specific workshops, each of which they can book free of charge. Most of the offerings will be conveyed digitally – more than appropriate given the topic – but on-site events are also planned. The topics covered are transformation management, Industry 4.0, process automation, and customer and document management. The workshops will address topics as diverse as the purpose of partnerships between SMEs and startups, data thinking or low/no-code app development. Mönchengladbach-based companies are also providing content in this regard: For example, dhpg Dr. Harzem & Partner mbB Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft will provide information on the possibilities of increasing efficiency in accounting through the use of AI (artificial intelligence). The workshop by atlan-tec Systems GmbH, also based in Nordpark, will focus on AI for energy saving and sustainability in production processes.

For some time now, WFMG has made it its business to repeatedly offer SMEs, together with its partners, opportunities related to digital transformation. Following the “Mönchengladbach as Experimental Space” series of events as part of the “DWNRW Networks” 2018/2019 funding project and the “Mönchengladbach Future Circle” developed by the nextMG e.V. digitization and start-up initiative, the transformation program for SMEs is now the logical – and for customers even more concrete and useful – continuation of WFMG activities. digihub Düsseldorf/Rheinland, in turn, one of whose shareholders is WFMG, is closing a gap in its offering for SMEs with the new program – after all, it is ostensibly focused on the target groups of startups and corporates.

The workshops are a maximum of three hours long and serve as an initial introduction to the topics, which can then be explored in greater depth. Additional workshop content will also be added successively. Interested companies that do not yet find their desired topics covered in the program are also welcome to contact digihub or WFMG at any time – the program is a “breathing” one and is intended to be permanently aligned with concrete needs.

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