You want to realize a new concept in the city center of Mönchengladbach?
You are looking for a store or an interesting space to realize your plans?
You are an owner and are looking for possibilities to change or market your space?

Please contact us!

WFMG is happy to support you in finding a suitable store for your concept in the city center. In doing so, we make use of municipal real estate, but also have access to the offers of local brokers. We welcome every request and will be pleased to assist you with your project.

You also have the option of listing your vacant, commercial real estate from the downtown area in an internal area – free of charge and supported by a software interface.

This is where WFMG’s contact mediation service comes in. Your offerings will be forwarded by our employees to businesses who are looking for real estate in a targeted manner in order to improve your chances of placement. The searchers can decide for themselves which providers they want to contact.

The vacancy detector was implemented as part of the project “Citylabs for Germany – Managing inner city vacancies and attracting new tenants“, which was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (08/2021 to 12/2022).

Vacancy detector

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If you wish to revoke your participation in the WFMG Real Estate Platform, please complete this form and return it to us. You can also send your revocation to us informally in writing.

Cancellation by mail

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