Our services at a glance

We are the navigator for our customers through funding opportunities, digitization and innovation programs, property and location issues, matchmaking, and networking options.

Companies that want to secure or create jobs in Mönchengladbach, preferably in the knowledge economy, face a variety of challenges. We are the only player with a complete overview of the market and have the comprehensive know-how regarding location-specific funding opportunities, property availability, digitization and innovation measures, matchmaking as well as networking options.

Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge of the business location, we take on a navigator function through all of a company’s circumstances; we identify the customer’s individual needs and either develop custom-fit solutions for their challenges ourselves or refer them to the appropriate agency. Last but not least, we keep an eye on the real estate location as a whole: We have an overview of the market, know locations, brokers, multipliers and responsible contacts and support companies that are committed to creating or securing jobs in their search for expansion, new construction, relocation or existing space.

In doing so, our role is not merely that of a reactive consulting agency: Rather, we are developing into a driving force in the business location by demonstrating and marketing our consulting expertise with outreach, educational and interest-generating formats. In this way, we go far beyond the tasks of municipal services of general interest: We actively help to shape the business location, establish promising connections and help to ensure that jobs are created in promising fields.

Guide function

We also act as your guide through the processes of city administration and support your project as you move through the various administration levels. At this point, we are also pleased to refer to the successful digitization of administrative services in North Rhine-Westphalia via the Wirtschafts-Service-Portal.NRW (WSP), which is gradually being developed into a comprehensive service platform for business. Following the latest expansion of functions, it is now possible, among other things, to register, change and deregister businesses completely digitally.