Funding options

WFMG’s first points of contact for individual support of local start-ups are the nextMG start-up and digitisation initiative (launched in 2016), of which WFMG is a founding member and driving force, and the regional Startercenter (, which in Mönchengladbach is affiliated with the  Middle Lower Rhine chamber of industry and commerce (IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein). WFMG is also the contact point for advice on business potential as well a member of  Gründerregion Niederrhein (Lower Rhine start-up region). Thanks to its excellent contacts with NRW.BANK and the local banks, WFMG is also able to offer regular NRW.BANK advisory days at its premises about RWP funding (regional economic development programme), which offers particular advantages in Mönchengladbach that go beyond the surrounding districts and municipalities.

A representative of WFMG is a member of the jury of the Gründerregion Niederrhein (Lower Rhine start-up region) which awards the NRW start-up scholarship to people who are about to start their own business; the scholarship is worth 1,000 euros per month and is awarded for up to one year. On the local level, WFMG has another representative on the jury through the nextMG  digitisation and start-up initiative.

By means of the “Startup.Starterkit.MG“, WFMG together with partners and thanks to financial support from the city of Mönchengladbach, also provides selected start-ups with an apartment, workplaces and temporary exhibition space.

More points of contact and contact persons are listed here.