Start-ups in MG

On the way to Start-up City: Several exciting young companies have already been launched in Gladbach in recent months and years. Several of them are actually featured in our image film for the startup community.

A (constantly growing) overview (the individual sites are in German only):

With our brand we want to represent “the beautiful game” and keep soccer in the hands of the fans.

Using the latest laser, washing and water recycling technology, we are revolutionizing the conventional way of finishing denim.

We develop software as well as online courses for web developers, with a fan community that promotes our products worldwide.

We offer an innovative customer loyalty program for shop owners with a digital stamp card. Contactless payment is also possible with us.

Film, Cinema, Web

We are cocktailfilms. Young creative minds who have set themselves the task of creating high-quality cinema, television and online content.


We want to eable everyone to create a beautiful home for themselves. Beautiful things make us happier – the more people do this, the prettier the world becomes.

Demtek is an innovative software company specializing in the development and distribution of SaaS solutions.

Dogscan uses specially trained dogs to detect lung cancer in humans at an early stage using breath samples. It is a screening method that can be carried out at home.


As a regional producer, we offer high-quality and tasty specialty coffees from the classic drum roaster and more.


J.Clay stands for the perfect high quality socks for the urban street style. We create socks with top trainer matchability.

We manufacture various individualized furniture for medical offices and other healthcare providers in a smart plug-in system with a clear design.


Thanks to state-of-the-art algorithms, we are constantly working on optimizing our AI portfolio in order to make it more efficiently usable in the B2B sector.

New in town and open to new contacts and joint activities? Mate has a solution for finding friends in a new way.

Metaglobe develops and distributes immersive video conferencing technology using its own patent-protected process.

MIA Video is a video-on-demand platform for educating patients in the healthcare sector.

We are committed to sustainability and offer products that make it possible to generate renewable energy at home.

We are a young high-tech company that will revolutionize the way of heating with innovative heating technology (carbon nanotube heaters).

With a sustainable and water-repellent yarn, we are laying the foundations for a circular textile chain.

We are an independent streetwear brand from Mönchengladbach, with a special focus on quality and sustainability.

Our hallmarks as an innovative motorhome rental system: easy booking, 24/7 pick-up & return, no minimum rental period, but WiFi.

We are the digital partner and thus the go-to guy for the purchase of non-food products and services around the gastronomy.

We are a young, up-and-coming start-up with the requirement to put a stop to the waste of resources caused by the reprocessing of old appliances.

Sam is an innovative safety app that enables users to share locations in real time, record emergency situations and ensure safety together.

We sell a side sleeper pillow that is individually adapted to the anatomy of the side sleeper, taking into account leg positions such as bowlegs or knock-knees.

We are a forward-thinking apparel company focused on all-encompassing sustainability, tangible quality and precise end-consumer involvement.

Textiles and promotional items from one source for companies and associations! We refine all our products individually according to customer requirements.

We are a holistic sustainable textile company and stand for transparency, local production and fair business.

We deal with the animal as a whole. Postoperative rehabilitation, performance enhancement for tournament pedestrians or nutritional counseling and much more are available to patients.

I create immersive media for innovative marketing to make places, moments or stories virtually experienceable and unforgettable.

The innovative, sustainable yoga mats for children and the family are the first product from 8samsam. We create a product world for the well-being of young and old.

We have developed an app for pet owners to document illnesses, medication, tracking of implants, allergies and more.

Zuke Green connects employees from hospitals for a sustainable transformation, looks for new approaches, climate-friendly suppliers and product ideas.

Startups no longer active (in Mönchengladbach):

We specialize in technical concept and product development, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) and engineering consulting & services.

altmann 1902

With our bandages and cuffs for sports and cases of physical strain, we support our customers with strong products in beautiful designs.

AVRY offers women’s wear with integrated bra, combining comfort, functionality as well as timeless designs.

mystery shopping

We work in the background and without attracting much attention. We test services, products and much more – undercover!

Calwiaro stands for handmade, individual equestrian accessories tailored precisely to your expectations.

With our start-up, we want to change textile production sustainably by means of an innovative recycling process for cellulose-containing old textiles.


We have created a lemonade syrup that quenches thirst, tastes fantastic and comes around without chemistry and unnecessary frills.


We are fok! The ultimate party support drink that helps alleviate fatigue and exhaustion.

Green Window stands for a new feeling in the home delivery segment and for fresh products, true to the motto: Good Food Means Good Mood.

We combine interior design with state-of-the-art technology ranging from drone flights to virtual tours and limitless planning approaches.

We want to simplify as much as possible the navigation and search through European legal norms and thus make them accessible to every citizen.

We are a sound manufacturer for high-quality smart home entertainment and tailored lifestyle consumer electronics.

We offer a provider-independent mobility budget that is strong in customizing – because mobility is more than just a company car.

Onlineshop für Kids

We are OKIKO, the online children’s account. We allow kids and teens to shop safely online – using their own pocket money, in a secure virtual environment.

Rent an apartment – but buy a kitchen? That makes no sense! We offer the first kitchen subscription for rental apartments with an all-round carefree guarantee.

More orders, less work: Scable simplifies the ordering process for the guest in the restaurant and offers a playful solution for a better ordering experience.

Our multifunctional facilities help to render mobile homes, tiny houses or student apartments flexible and space-saving.

Through innovative products, we make the topics of mindfulness and personal development accessible to people, even in stressful everyday life.

Teresa.AI is a digital everyday helper and voice assistant that helps elderly people to live longer self-determined and enjoy life.

We support clients in terms of co-creation in order to achieve a positive long-term impact on the economy, environment and society.

With VIEL MEHR, we want to show that sustainable living and good shopping is MUCH MORE: much more than eschewal, much more than a raised index finger.

We are a digital brokerage platform for leftover materials with fast, easy buying and selling that also promotes sustainability.


Whether as a fruity, exotic dessert or as a vegan alternative to meat: Who’s Jack shows you how versatile the jackfruit really is.

Grief is part of life. We turn the culture of mourning upside down with our remembrance workshop for mourners.