Digital infrastructure

Broadband expansion

A modern telecommunications infrastructure is an important location factor for Mönchengladbach’s companies and residents. However, different technologies with different attributes create a complex and confusing picture of the supply situation. That is why we have created the information platform Since November 2020, it has been providing citizens, companies and property developers with compact, transparent and non-promotional information about broadband services in Mönchengladbach.

The city of Mönchengladbach and the WFMG are looking to promote fibre optic technology across the region. The gigabit strategy paper of the city of Mönchengladbach offers a holistic overview.

Compared with established bridge technologies such as VDSL and TV cable, fibre optic cables have the following advantages:

  • High and secure bandwidth: Gigabit and more, no speed fluctuations
  • Symmetry: Upload speed = download speed
  • Low latency: short reaction times
  • Reliability: fewer disruptions
  • Eco-friendly: less active, power-consuming technology

Fibre optic expansion projects have already been implemented in some towns and industrial estates. Since the laying of fibre optic cables involves significant efforts and high upfront costs, achieving a specific level of demand is crucial for expansion projects.

The municipal broadband coordinator based at the WFMG will be happy to advise you on your connection and the various technologies that are available.


Since the summer of 2018, visitors to city centres of Mönchengladbach and Rheydt have been able to use the cities’ WiFi networks free of charge. This was implemented following a council decision. WFMG successfully implemented the “MG WiFi” project together with the international WiFi provider The Cloud Networks. In Mönchengladbach the area stretches from the main railway station via Hindenburgstraße, including some side streets to Alter Markt and Waldhausener Straße. In Rheydt, the network extends from the town square in Rheydt via Hauptstraße and Stresemannstraße and then via Bahnhofsstraße all the way to the main station including the crossing. Shops and catering establishments also benefit from the extra service: The marketing concept was developed in cooperation with the city marketing company (MGMG) and under “DeinMG” it provides users with lots of information about upcoming events and about Mönchengladbach’s shops and catering establishments. The installation of the gigabit access points was carried out by several project partners. The WiFi project was also supported by the start-up and digital initiative nextMG, the retail association, the city management and the hotel and restaurant association DEHOGA.

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