Project Description

Euregio Campus Limburg/Lower Rhine

The cities of Krefeld, Mönchengladbach and Venlo as well as the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and Fontys Hogeschool in Venlo want to raise the profile of the euregio rhein-maas-nord and create a cross-border educational region. This is the aim of the project “euregio campus Limburg/Lower Rhine”. The project, which was launched on 1 January 2019, will run until the end of 2021 and will receive a total of 1.8 million euros in funding from the European Union, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Dutch province of Limburg.

The project has three main objectives:

  • to increase the profile of the euregio rhein-maas-nord as a study location,
  • to link the two universities by offering cross-border courses, and
  • to make euregio more attractive to graduates as a place to work and live.

The main innovative aspect of the project is that the measures designed to achieve these objectives are closely interlinked. This is designed to give the educational region rhein-maas-nord a general boost and improve its positioning.

The project partners are planning to implement the goals using a variety of activities and measures. One package of measures is about the joint marketing of the cross-border, euregional education and knowledge region. So far, it does not exist. But a border region offers numerous advantages as a place of study. More services are needed to fill the cross-border educational area with life. This is also a central component of the project. Joint educational offers must be developed and implemented, existing study and further training offers of the universities must be compared and intersections for more cooperation identified.