With 15 million consumers within a radius of 100 km and an excellent transport infrastructure, Mönchengladbach is the central hub between the Benelux countries and the Rhine-Ruhr region. There is a reason why almost one in six employees in Mönchengladbach works in logistics.
But it is not only the area, location and manpower potential that make the difference. Mönchengladbach offers expertise in intralogistics and in future-oriented topics such as blockchain, automation and digitised processes in the warehouse.

From Mönchengladbach, logistics experts create a web of goods and information flow – for the region, the country and far beyond its borders.


The LOG4MG logistics initiative Mönchengladbach was founded under the auspices of the business development agency with the aim of expanding Mönchengladbach as a hub for logistics companies, creating links between local players in the sector and offering innovative solutions to new logistics companies looking to relocate to the region.

LOG4MG offers its partners extensive synergies within the network and strong marketing by hosting regular meetings, organising events or participating in trade fairs. Through its participation in the national Logistics Day, it also focuses on youth development.

The annual logistics forum regularly attracts more than 200 visitors to Mönchengladbach. At the accompanying trade fair, companies and other partners showcase their strengths.