Competentia NRW

The Competence Centre Women and Career Middle Lower Rhine (responsible for the district of Viersen, MG, KR and RKN) has set itself the goal of increasing the regional employment rate of women and improve family friendliness in the job market in order to promote professional equality and, together with local companies and institutions, to meet the growing demand for skilled workers . The potential of highly trained women in particular can be better exploited through life phase-oriented personnel development and the implementation of professional equality in everyday working life.

The competence centre supports small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the planning and implementation of effective and innovative measures by providing comprehensive information and it supports the interconnection of initiatives in the Middle Lower Rhine region on the following topics:

  • Possibilities of company supported child care
  • Compatibility of family, care and career
  • Part-time training
  • Securing skilled staff – recruitment and retention of personnel
  • Re-entry management
  • Part-time management
  • Flexible working time models

With the start of the new funding phase on 1 September 2018, the WFMG handed over the project to the youth welfare office of the city of Mönchengladbach to pool the relevant competencies.

The Competence Centre Women and Career Middle Lower Rhine is a joint project of the WFG – the business development agency for the district of Viersen (sponsor) and the Institute of Industrial Safety, Environmental Protection, Health Promotion and Efficiency of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (A.U.G.E. institute, scientific monitoring).

WFMG continues to support Competentia and will gladly forward your inquiries to the Competentia team, such as relating to company supported child care.