Project Description

Real estate without borders

The Dutch real estate market has recovered after a prolonged crisis and construction activity in the country is gathering speed. There is a lot of catching up to do, especially in the housing sector. Transformation projects, i.e. converting empty office space into living space, are a particular focus in the Netherlands. But real estate developments are also of great importance on the German side, especially in the less densely populated border regions. Not only housing plays a major role here, there is also a great deal of movement in the logistics real estate market and the retail real estate market on both sides of the border. Foreign investors are in great demand in all areas.

Both countries and border regions also deal with the following topics:  new housing concepts for new social target groups; the ageing of society; inner-city urban development and, last but not least, the topic of sustainability – cradle to cradle.

In view of the market situation described above, the cross-border exchange of know-how and experience in the following areas is to be strengthened and promoted as part of the “real estate without borders” project:

  • Transformation of residential real estate
  • Cooperation in the area of logistics space marketing
  • Cross-border planning of retail developments
  • Sustainability – learning internationally from national concepts

. Round table discussions on various topics, a symposium and workshops will be held in Germany and the Netherlands.

The target groups are German and Dutch representatives of municipalities, business development agencies as well as private market players from the real estate, retail and logistics sectors.

The partners in the People 2 People project are Holland Property Plaza (HPP), Anja Sturme Communications, Standort Niederrhein GmbH and WFM